Warning: An unknown person is using pieces of our information (address, names, logo, etc) and sending emails from a domain name similar to ours. They are sending from a .net address whereas ours ends in .com. They are also calling from a phone number that is not ours (330-355-9905) and usually using the name Bob.

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7750 Reinhold Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45237

President - Emeritus

Bill Edmund
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 101


John McMahon
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 132

Director Truckload Operations

Herb Glischinski
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 139

Director of Information Technology

Mark Donner
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 102

Safety / Driver Recruiting

Ron Begley
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 122

Proof of Delivery Requests

[email protected]