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TSX is an Asset-Based Motor Carrier and we operate with all Company Drivers. We know how important it is to provide our Drivers top-quality Equipment and for that reason, we have established long-term relationships with key Equipment Providers such as Penske, Ryder, Truckway, etc. The tractors we put on the road are all new models with state of the art technology.

Our trailers are also relatively new with most being well under 3 years old. In short, we provide our valued Drivers the best equipment to enable them to be successful and be safe. We do require Electronic Logs to enable our Drivers to operate legally and safely. We provide cell phones for 100% communication capability.


7750 Reinhold Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45237

President - Emeritus

Bill Edmund
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 101


John McMahon
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 132

Director Truckload Operations

Herb Glischinski
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 139

Director of Information Technology

Mark Donner
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 102

Safety / Driver Recruiting

Ron Begley
[email protected]
513-679-7100 ext 122

Proof of Delivery Requests

[email protected]